Monday, April 11, 2011

another poem for April

I'm a day behind on my poem a day for April but here's what I just wrote, illustrated with one of last winter's lemons - you'll see why.

You left the sorbetto on the counter too long. It melted.
You put it back in the freezer. It almost tasted
better, refrozen and settled into ice.

I dumped it onto the cutting board and sliced it in half.
The alcohol in it, limoncello, our favorite,
kept it from freezing too hard. Easy to slice.

Slivers of lemon zest had settled to the bottom.
A few caught in my throat. I choked, coughed, 
coughed some more. You brought me water.

This is the way the world should be, I think. 
We make mistakes. We make the best of them. 
One of us chokes. Another brings her water.

1 comment:

  1. I read, I admired your poetic ability, I took another drink from my mug.
    Carefully swallowing , ever contemplating your experience. One of us chokes. Another learns a lesson. Cold makes slivers, leaves make tea.

    Cheryl T