Monday, September 16, 2013

Insects Galore!

 Once upon a time, insects were much, much bigger than they are today, significantly bigger than an almost-three-year-old.

That's just one of the things Rory and her mom and I learned yesterday at the Arizona Insect Festival at the University of Arizona. This free annual event is pitched primarily to preschool and elementary age kids and their grownups, though there were some older kids around, often manning the informational booths and doing a great job of it.
     I knew when I got there 45 minutes after it opened and had to park in what looked like the last available space at the top of the multi-story Second Street Garage that there was a great turnout. Lots of little people were trying to get up close to see the exhibits,

and yes, those giant stick-like things really are insects! They really could have used a larger venue, though I'm not sure what that would be.
     Volunteers offered several large critters for visitors to touch or hold, but Rory was skeptical until we got to this caterpillar.
By then we'd collected our 10 (actually 12 station stamps), enjoyed a cool photo op (well, Rita and I enjoyed it - Rory was a little more skeptical once she actually got to the head of the line),
and built a bug from clay and pipecleaners. It was time to escape the crowd (picking up her prize, a butterfly tattoo, along the way) and go find some ice cream.

Look for the Arizona Insect Festival to come around again next September. It's fun, it's educational, and it's free. Even the parking!


  1. Rita Here. Thanks for inviting us. It was so crowed that I am surprised that you were able to take any picture. Not only did you take some picture you magically managed to took awesome pictures. I am really impressed.
    You rock!