Thursday, October 29, 2009

The first cold breath of winter

Winds and other weather factors from the northwest have rushed down on us here in the desert, causing the temperatures to drop by more than 20 degrees, with freezes predicted for last night and tonight.  So I picked all the eggplants that remained in the garden--there were more than I thought! I'll make a big batch of eggplant parmigiana and then use the rest in ratatouille, since it freezes well.  This was an excellent year for eggplant, especially the big Black Beauty variety (I've always grown the long Japanese Ichiban before and was surprised to see the Black Beauties out-perform them).
        I'm so happy to see winter coming, and I hope it's as rainy as predicted.  Sweaters and gloves and handknit socks and scarves and hats are among my most favorite things!  I wore a long flannel nightgown to bed (and put on an extra blanket) and then had oatmeal for breakfast. Such simple things, yet they offer so much pleasure.

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