Friday, October 9, 2009

The Morning Glory Guerrilla

Why morning glory garden?  Well, when we first moved to this house and began planning what to plant, I was dismayed to find that the seed catalog companies wouldn't ship morning glory seeds to Arizona.  So I got some from a friend in California. The next year when we went on vacation our housesitter was shocked to see them in our backyard. "You do know those are illegal, don't you?" she asked in a tone that reminded me of Sister Angela many years ago. I was almost afraid she was going to call the garden police (she didn't, but we didn't ask her to housesit any more). For a few years we smuggled the seeds in from California, but recently I've found them for sale in stores right here in Tucson. I must admit, it was more fun growing them when it felt like a subversive act. But they're still lovely.

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