Monday, March 5, 2012

Giving and Receiving - A Stick and Some String

I recently got involved in 3 swaps through a wonderful online knitting community, Knitting Paradise,, and have already received one package from a very nice lady in Utah, who sent me this potholder and the vintage pattern booklet it came from, as well as a couple of recipes and 3 more potholder patterns.
Here's the one I'm sending to my other swap partner (it's not a straight across swap; you don't send one back to the person you get one from).
The pattern for this crocheted potholder (Knitting Paradise also welcomes crocheters) is at; she also has a number of other colorful and clever patterns that I think I'll have to try. Do check out this link, if only to see the gorgeous, brightly colored potholders in the photos. This one looks subdued in comparison, but my swap partner's kitchen colors are brown and beige, so it should go well. And it doesn't need to just be decorative. With all those thick petals it will protect the hands nicely. The pattern itself is surprisingly easy and simple - well, it surprised me, at least - and works up quite quickly. Michael's currently has Lily Sugar and Creme cotton yarn on sale for 4/$5, so I stocked up to make some of these for myself. You want to use cotton yarn because acrylic will melt and doesn't protect your hands very well.

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