Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lovely Lemon Soup

Yesterday I picked the last half-dozen lemons off my little Meyer lemon tree, and was happy to see bees busy among the blossoms; those blossoms are so deliciously fragrant it can make me feel a bit intoxicated just going out the back door!
     I used one of the lemons to make Greek Avgolemono Soup, something I've been wanting to try. In theory it has always sounded tasty, being made with simple things I love: rice, broth, eggs, and lemons. I've tasted it at Sweet Tomatoes and it was just okay, so I really needed to see if homemade would be better than something made in large quantities and kept hot in buffet pots - I was pretty sure it would.

I used a recipe from Oprah's website, where I somehow found myself a few weeks ago (I'm not quite sure why or how I got there, but finding the recipe section was a nice surprise).
     It was really lovely, light and yet also filling, and I've packed up the leftovers (it serves four and we're only two) for our lunches at work on Monday. The recipe says it's good hot or cold. It thickens as it cools but tastes great. That's fresh dill in the picture. I've got dill and cilantro growing in a wine barrel again this year and they're both quite lush and thick. Soon it will be time to cut them back and make mustard dill sauce (click on that heading in the sidebar for the recipe, and the recipe for Mast va Khiar, Persian yogurt with cucumbers and dill) and cilantro pesto to freeze.

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