Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ANGRY - April Poem #15

I'm delighted with the straightforwardness of Robert Lee Brewer's prompt on today's Poetic Asides blog post, ". . . pick an adjective, make it the title of your poem, and then write your poem."


I knew a woman whose mother put ground glass
in her rival's sandwich. Chicken salad, I believe.
They were having tea on the terrace, chatting
amiably enough, while the would-be killer
waited for her victim's agony to kick in.
It didn't happen. Then the hostess began
to worry that perhaps she'd switched the sandwiches.
Her stomach started hurting and her guest
insisted on taking her to the emergency room,
where the doctors found nothing wrong.
The incident just gave her more to be angry about.
As it turns out (according to,
glass that's ground finely enough to be undetectable
won't hurt you, urban legends notwithstanding.
As for the murderous sandwich maker, she
eventually gave up her fantasies of revenge
against the other woman. They became friends.
Which made the first woman's husband very angry.

          - Victoria Stefani
So, what adjectives do you have in your wallet? I was just thinking of more positive ones, like cheerful, sunny, kind, intelligent, peaceful - all words I really like and qualities I admire - and how sometimes - not always, but certainly sometimes - it's easier to dive into the darker stuff. What do you think?

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