Monday, April 6, 2015

April Poem #6


Lying in bed in the small hours of the morning,
your warm belly fits the hollow of my back.
Even the neighbors’ dogs are quiet.
The birds, even the white-winged doves, are quiet.

Bees that feasted on mesquite blossoms last evening,
filling the yard with their humming, are asleep.
Bats with their sharp-edged wings are going to sleep,
and the pale silent swooping owls, while other birds awake.

Other hunters are awake too, bobcat and coyote.

Sleepy prey, rabbit and quail, stumbling,
scurry again into the pale light of beginning,
the time of hunting and hiding,
the time without shadows.

The sweet breath of jasmine drifts through open windows.

Your hand moves on my shoulder. I turn to you.
We stretch together, rearrange arms and pillows,
kiss softly, closed-mouth morning kisses,
and open our eyes to each other.

            - Victoria Stefani (draft)

Today's prompt from NaPoWriMo was to write an aubade, a poem of waking up, of early morning.
And now I'm caught up, because it's not midnight yet! All comments are much appreciated. Please . . . .